"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

2016 Dump Post

Advent calendar Christmas boxes
I sent my three best Alaskan friends Christmas boxes this year.
Find a new church home
We have tried so many churches in our neighborhood, but we always go back to Northgate. You can feel the energy and love of God in that place!
Adler Planetarium
We spent the day at the planetartium on New Year's Eve day.  We enjoyed learning about space and playing with the contraptions.
Visit Planet fitness at least 4 times per month
I really didnt go as much as I wanted to.  I was surprised when I asked them to count up my total for the year and, sure enough, it was an average of 4 times per month.
Harvest wild food
There are these mulberry trees near our old apartment.  There werent many berries this year, but I went and picked some anyway.
Discover a new favorite musical artist
Matthew West.  I made a Pandora station from his song, Grace Wins, and it is my favorite station.
Make a new friend
I've made a few new work friends and am getting to know Eric's family a little better, which is nice.  I still dont have that solid, go to, everyday kind of friend that I've been looking for here in NWI.
Own a sewing machine
Yes!  Eric got me one for Christmas this year.  It's got all the fancy functions and everything.
Get a job
I've been working for Alverno Clinical Laboratories for 6 months now and I love it!
Play paintball or lasertag
Took Avery and his girlfriend to the lasertag place when we were visiting them in Fort Waybe last fall. It was cool to be back in the place where I used to take Avery when we has little.
Try 3 new teas
So many new ones...white blueberry peach, windy city blend, chai tea, and argo creamy earl grey.  Love them all!
Try 3 new local restaurants
So many new restaurants too!!!  Zel's Roast Beef, Tandor Indian, and Miner Dunn just to name a few!
Send a Spain postcard to everyone I have an address for
I found so many Spain postcards when I was searching through old stuff.  I have now sent them all out.  Send postcards is so fun!

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