"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

38 things to do before I turn 39

Volunteer for Librivox
Yoga class/yoga in the park
Sew myself a wearable garment
Read 5 more books off this list or this list
Play Zelda
Make butter or cheese
Host a multiple course dinner party
Make colored ice balls for winter
Take a class
Run a 5K
Get under 175 pounds
Read Mitchner's Poland
Segway tour
Alphabet pictures
Make a time capsule
Write thank you notes just because
Get past 10 push ups
Go to a horse race
Tour a brewery
Make a 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 (and 2018) photo albums
Host a game night
Go skiing somewhere local
Go on an Indiana wine tour
Make pottery
Find out about my grandmothers grave
Refinish my grandmothers desk
Ride a hot air balloon
Learn to Scuba
Attend a cherry blossom festival
Check out a local trail
Go for a walk in the woods
Medieval Times
Attend a local festival or concert
Learn to play an instrument
Volunteer for a local organization
Take a walk in a local woods or nature preserve
Make a goal board
Use the Duolingo app to learn some polish
Visit a botanic garden in Michigan
Decoupage something
Have a water balloon or water gun fight
Make wine, beer, or other spirit
Make all my t-shirts into a quilt
Send cards for a random holiday
Forage for wild food
Go to the drive in with Eric
Write or call a politician
Write a love letter
Have a solo picnic in the park
Complete my couch to 5K app
Stay at a bed and breakfast
Go camping just us
Read a work book
Pay off my credit card
Visit the Ohio house for some updates
Go camping by myself
Get approved for a homeowners loan
Play Settlers of Catan with the expansion pack
Take Alyssa on an adventure
Finish Harry Potter with William
Explore more Chicago beach parks
Buy a house
Sell my Ohio house
Own chickens
Set up a quiet reading area/library
Expand my garden
Plant berries or fruit trees
Complete the Master Life bible study series
Complete a Daniel fast
Journal when I'm upset
Get the spyware/virus off my laptop
Back up my laptop
Read a book with Eric
Take a family vacation
Check out 5 new parks
Make a wedding photo album

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