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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Big Bad Zoo

 San Diego is supposed to be "THE" zoo to visit in the United States.  I think my grandmother took me there once when I was a kid, but I had never been there as an adult.  We spent a whole day in the zoo and part of the evening too since the zoo had their zoo lights displays. The hippo was one of my favorite animals just because of how it was hanging out on this little perch where it could lift its head just a few inches every few minutes to take a breath.
 The pandas were cool to see since they are the big attraction.  One of the pandas was really active.  He was walking around, climbing his structures, and even scratching his butt on the trees.  Fun to watch!
 We happened to be walking by the primate area just as the zoo keepers were feeding them a little afternoon snack.  It was a bucket full of veggies.  It was fun to notice that they liked the green peppers the best.
We took the arial tram at sunset and it was a fun ride and a beautiful view.  It was much taller than we had anticipated and even a little scary. It's kinda funny that two people who just jumped head first from a bridge a few days earlier were a little scared of this little tram.

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