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Monday, January 21, 2013

Home, Sweet Skiing, Home

 After a very long Christmas vacation to S. Cali where Avery and I learned that 16 straight uninterrupted days together might not be the best way for us to get along, we were both happy to get home to Bethel.  The first week home was busy getting back into the routine of life back at school so it wasnt until the next weekend that I was finally able to get out for the first ski of the year.
 Before leaving for break, we hadnt really gotten any snow yet, but it snowed quite a bit while we were gone and we came back to a thick layer of the white, fluffy stuff.  A group of us went out for a morning ski the next Saturday and enjoyed the snow, warm temps, running dog, physical activity, and each others company.
We even saw a couple of dog teams out on the trail.  Near the end of our ski, it started to rain so we made it backed soaked, but happy.  It continued to rain all day and into the next, melting all of our lovely snow.  I'm glad I got out on my ski's while I had the opportunity.

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