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Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Desserts

 Just Desserts is a local fundraising event where people donate desserts to be sold by the slice, sold whole, and auctioned at silent and live auctions.  It is also a live concert.  Various local talent perform on stage.  They sing and dance and do comedy acts.  This has traditionally been one of our favorite events to go to every year.
 A whole big group of us get together and get a big table and all sit together and share our desserts.  Everybody gets to try everything!  This year, we celebrated a couple of birthdays while we were there. I went early and decorated the table with balloons and wrapping paper.
 It was a good time.  The musical numbers vary in their greatness, but we have fun through the good acts and the bad.  This year they were mostly good.
 The money that is raised goes to the BRHS Passport Club which is travelling to Germany this summer.    I always try to donate something.  This year I made a hummingbird cake with painted frosting.  It was easy to make the cake and frosting, but then actually frosting the thing was a little more difficult.  It took a ton of frosting to get it covered and I ended up making a second batch.
 Painting the frosting was alot of fun and something I'd definitely like to do again sometime.  It turned out beautiful.  My cake sold for $55 which realistically is not much more than it cost to make it here in Bethel.

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