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Friday, September 09, 2011

Number 29: Be able to run or bike a half marathon

After only a few days in Indiana this summer, I discovered that Kassia owns a really nice bike. I decided to take it for a ride and got a little too far from home one night with Adam.

This little adventure led to the discovery of a bike trail. Further online research told me that this bike trail was about 12 miles one way from Highland, IN to Crown Pointe, IN. A couple mornings later, I got up early and made it my mission to ride the trail.

Here I am hot and sweaty in Crown Point. The trail was amazing and the ride was refreshing. It took about 50 minutes each way and I ended up back home before noon. And since the trail was 12 miles long, I actually almost did a whole marathon rather than a half. I know there's no marathon for bikes, but I'm happy with my accomplishment nonetheless.

I even saw a turtle crossing the bike trail. Good times.

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