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Monday, September 12, 2011

Number 11: Collect 5 new sand samples

I spent quite a bit of time on Lake Erie and Lake Michigan this summer. I collected 3 sand samples from our trip to the sand dunes at Silverlake. I collected 1 sand sample from near Montegue, MI when a few of us Alaskan teachers met up in Michigan. I collected 2 sand samples from Lake Erie.

The sand in the front right was collected by my friend Angie on her trip to Australia the summer. Usually my rule is that I only collect sand from places I've actually been, but I couldnt turn down the bright red sand that she was thoughtful enough to bring back for me. I looks like paprika :)


Jenni said...

I stumbled across your blog today while looking for photos of the aurora for my blog. We just moved to Kotzebue a couple of months ago so this is my first arctic winter (we've been in Alaska for 4 years, 2 in the bush of southeast and then 2 in Homer). We saw the lights once from Homer, but I've now seen them here twice in two weeks.
In any case, I found you and I've been reading around on your blog and it's so fun to read about someone else living in the bush and loving the adventure of it. :) It's for sure that not everyone is cut out for Alaska, but some of us are. We knew within weeks of getting here that we wanted to stay and raise our boys here (maybe not in Kotz forever, but certainly in Alaska). My cousin and his wife are looking at a job in Bethel actually...I've been trying to give them an idea of what bush life is really like. We'll see if they decide to take the plunge I guess. :)

Inspiring Scent Of Rain said...

pass me the paprika please... :)