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Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas in Paris: 20 done, 10 to go

The view out of our hotel room the first night. It was Christmas Eve and the snow was swirling all around us.

We drove up to the north of France on Christmas day and stayed two night in a castle in Sedan. The next day we drove over to Belgium just because we were so close. We bought lots of chocolate, ate mussles, and walked around the quaint little town.

This was our castle.

Notre Dame in Reims was surprisingly more grand and impressive than Notre Dame in Paris. But it was very cold inside so we did not stay long as my gma couldnt handle the cold.

The hall down the side of the church.

Some of the stained glass had a very modern feel to it.

Nan and I under the rose window. She was cold.

Denette and I walking down the streets of Paris with our baguette just like all the other French people.
The Garnier Opera house in Paris. We saw the bartered bride.

The artwork on the ceiling of the opera house.

The hall of mirrors at Versailles.

The outside gate of Versailles after the lights came on.

Napoleon's apartments at the Louvre museum.

The glass pyramid entrance at the Louvre.

Nan and I with the Venus de Milo.

The street that our apartment in Paris was on.

Statue on top of the opera house.

Rose window on the front the Notre Dame in Paris.

The rose window from the inside.

The Eiffel Tower between two lamp posts. I feel in love with all the lamp posts.

Sun shining through the tower.

The back of Notre Dame in Paris.

Nan and I in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Ornate bridge.

Christmas lights in front of the mall.

Nan being serenaded by an accordion player.

City hall.

Notre Dame of Paris at night.

A beautiful stroll by the river Siene.

The river was flooded due to the snow so I couldnt walk down next to it.

The city streets all decorated for the holidays.

The arch at the end of our street.

The street we lived on.

The Arch De Triomphe.

View of the Effiel Tower from the Arch.
News stand.

Sacre Coure.

The gargoyles.

Inside Sacre Coure.

Entrance to the metro, which I learned how to use pretty effectively.

Notre Dame and the city by night.

Number 1 on the birthday list is done...vacation in another country. Christmas in Paris, what more can a girl ask for?


Cindi said...

You're pictures are beautiful..thank you for the tour. Glad you had a great time!

Tamara said...

Beautiful pictures, and likely as close as I'll ever get. I hope you and your nana had a wonderful trip!

Belle said...

European cities all look so romantic and stunningly beautiful. Wonderful photos.