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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warrior Art

We had a new piece of artwork installed above the main entrance of the high school this year. It was a community art project where the kids got to submit quotes to go on the pieces that where installed to make up the whole big picture. I think the question was, "What inspires you?"It is a really large piece and it spans one whole side of the building and then curves over onto a second side above the main entrance where it says, "Home of the Warriors".

The big warrior head at the end lights up at night with LED lights. It glows pretty brightly, which is cool to see when you get to school on a dark winter morning.
It is so big that I could not fit the whole thing in my camera lens. The art teacher and I are thinking of applying for a grant to do a similar project inside the school. It wouldnt be quite this large though.
Really makes the front entrance of our school look great. I'm proud to be a Warrior!


Susan Stevenson said...

I love that! It's so creative, and beautiful!

Susan in North Pole

Kassia said...

Extremely impressive! I love that kinda stuff!