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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moose crossing the street

Not sure if this video is going to work....

I saw this moose standing on the side of the road in Anchorage over the weekend. It came within about 5 feet of my car. He crossed the street, then climbed up the hill into the woods on the side of the road next to where I was parked.

Of course, watching this video just makes me want to ask...why did the moose cross the road?


Tamara said...

All I can come up with is that a rolling stone gathers no moose, but that's not even funny.

I think his sweetheart moosed have been on the other side. :-)

Charisse said...

This is so cool!! I can't even imagine seeing that big guy on the street! Very neat - Good thing you had your camera to catch it!

Kassia said...

Whatever...I see animals all the time here too. Of course, most of them are 2-legged...

Pamela Bates said...

fantastic footage....I linked to it from my blog, mercantile muse.

thanks for posting!