"A mind once stretched by a new idea can never regain its original dimensions." ~Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Advice to Myself

For the first two weeks of my summer I took a science class. It was the Alaska Science Consortium class. It focused on teaching physical science.




On the last day of class, we were asked to write ourselves a letter as part of a reflection on the course. We enclosed the letter in a self addressed stamped envelope with a promise by our super terrible instructor that the letter would be mailed in the fall to remind us of all the things that we had learned in the course.

I got my letter in the mail today. It made me smile. Here is what I wrote to myself, word for word...

Warning: Content may be graphic and/or offensive!


This class really sucked a big fat one, but you have to learn to be more patient and take things in stride. Be more accepting of people and their flaws. Like Chris said today, "Don't be so judgemental." You also need to be careful about the way you say things and approach people. You're body language says alot and so does your tone. Be careful about how you express yourself. People stop listening to you after awhile when they think you're just a BITCH!

Chill out,

(signed by me)

Like Elizabeth Bennet says in Pride and Prejudice, "We can only teach what is not worth knowing." It turns out that I learned something in the class after all. :)


Belle said...

Great letter.

Kassia said...

haha, u are a bit harsh with ppl sometimes...

alisha said...

Kas...I know I am, but I also dont think we should constantly beat around the bush and handle adults with kid gloves. I guess I just need to find a middle ground...say the things that need to be said in a nice way.