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Monday, November 05, 2012

Still Wrestling

Avery is still wrestling.  His season is going well.  He's seeded 6th in the state which is actually down from 4th a couple weeks ago after he had a "down" week.  He made it to the finals at the big Bethel Tourny last weekend.  He lost by points in the finals round to a kid that he has beat several times in the past.  Somehow, he lost a chunk of skin on his knuckle during the match and was bleeding all over the place.  They had to stop the match several times for blood.  They wrapped his finger, but it was clearly distracting him during the match.  This weekend he is in Nikiski.  His record for the year is 17-8 so far. He is hoping to place at state this year and get his name mounted on the wall.

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