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Sunday, September 16, 2012

First CC Medal

 Avery has been running cross country this year.  It's his new found passion.  He likes to run. 
 The Bethel invitational is held in the sand pit and is known to be the hardest course in the region. 
 Avery ran hard and held fifth place for almost the entire race, the in the last 100 yards, he put the kid in front of him in his sights.  
 He kicked it into high gear and passed him right before crossing the finish line.   It was the most exciting finish of the whole race.  Even though I only had about half of my voice, I still did alot of yelling and screaming.  I might not even have a voice left tomorrow. 
 Overall, he came in 4th place in the tournament and will be travelling to the regional competition next weekend in King Salmon.
It was his first CC medal and I'm so proud of him.  He pushed himself hard and his hard work paid off. 

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