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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Roller Derby

A few brave ladies here in Bethel have decided to start up a Women's Flat Track Roller Derby league. We have been having practices now for a couple months. It started out as some women skating around on school skates and looking pretty shaky. Most of us are geared up now in full safety gear and new skates. I was amazed at the last practice at how far we've come. Everyone is looking very confident on their skates now and have a pretty intimidating appearance with all their gear on.

I have my old skates and new gear. My skates are 20 years old. They were the first thing that I ever bought with my own money with my first job when I was 12. It's great to have my skates on my feet again. They are a little tight fitting, but they'll work ok for now. I'm hoping to buy some new skates while I'm in the lower 48 this summer. I love skating. I feel a little freer on my skates. I feel a little more like myself on my skates. And now we get to combine that with knocking people over, falling down, and developing an alter ego? Yes, please!!! I chose 'Nuclear Weapon' for my roller derby name and my number will be U235.

Anybody want to go see a roller derby bout with my while I'm in the lower 48 this summer?


Kass said...

Me! If I'm not giving birth, that is.

Deanna said...

Those skates look super hardcore!