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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Tundra Skiing

While I was in Anchorage for spring break this year, I stopped by play it again sports to check out their skis. It just so happens that all their skis where 50% off that week. So, I purchased by first pair of cross country skis. In the last month, I've used them about 5 times. We had another 2 week's of -30 in April so I didnt get out much then, but since it's gotten a bit warmer, I've tried to ski pretty regularly. The picture above shows Sadie and I skiing on a day that was so warm, we ended up peeling off many of out layers. We didnt even have coats on and we were still sweating. It was about 30 degrees that day, but the sun was beating down pretty nicely and there was no wind so we felt really hot. There was sweat literally dripping off of my knees.
Thankfully many of my friends also have skis so there are lots of people to ski with. While my friend Erin was in town visiting, we went skiing on a day that was pretty cold and windy. It ended up being about-20 that day and I had on all my new ski gear for the first time. I ended up being pretty cold and Ryder ended up with a little frost bite on his pink little belly.
Poor guy was so cold that day. I really need to find a nice winter sweater for him that will cover the bare skin around his little peepee. His had icicles hanging down from his poor little penis. I ended up being a little colder than I would have liked, but not dangerously so. We skied a 5 mile loop that day and it was great to get out with Erin and Chris, especially since they were the ones that originally taught me how to ski.

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